Claire Hooper

Claire Hooper

Ten years ago Claire met a Duffin. Then she married that Duffin and met heaps of related Duffins. Then she made a couple of smaller Duffins of her own.

"If thou gaze too long into the abyss, the abyss will also stare into thee.” – Neitzsche

Substitute 'the abyss' with 'the Duffins' and that's kind of what this show is about.

While she may have been missed on the stand-up stage in 2016, Claire was still busy kicking goals elsewhere. On screen, she was back as co-host for season two of The Great Australian Bake Off for Foxtel’s Lifestyle Channel alongside fellow comedian Mel Buttle and judges Maggie Beer and Matt Moran. There was also another type of bun in the oven with Claire giving birth to baby number two last year, which has kept her very busy... and given her plenty of new material.

A born storyteller with a sharp wit, Claire has been captivating audiences and receiving critical acclaim since she began her comedy career 13 years ago. Don’t miss your chance to see her live on stage.

"Marvellously entertaining." ★★★★ Chortle

★★★★ The List (UK)