Judith Lucy & Denise Scott: Disappointments

Judith Lucy & Denise Scott

WINNER PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017

Scotty and Jude couldn’t be happier; every element of their lives is simply perfect. They love their bodies, their careers, the people they have chosen to be surrounded by and they love who they are, the women that they have become. Their souls are fit to bursting! Every day is another perfect gift from the universe!

Well that’s certainly what they’ve written on their Facebook pages. Come along and see what a crock of shit that actually is. Truthfully their lives are full of... disappointments.

It’s been three years since two of Australia’s comedy icons, Judith Lucy and Denise Scott, shared the stage with their smash-hit show, The Spiral. Since then, Judith made the hilarious Judith Lucy Is All Woman for ABC TV and picked up the 2015 Helpmann Award for Best Comedy Performance for her smash-hit solo show, Ask No Questions of the Moth. Meanwhile, Denise Scott had a runaway hit with her live show Mother Bare, winning the 2014 Barry Award for Best Show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and selling out across the country.

Scotty and Jude are back together again and on a mission that will help you embrace your mediocrity along with your shattered dreams and leave you walking out feeling proud! They’ll sing, they’ll dance, they’ll lie down a lot and they’ll learn to love their disappointments. You won’t want to miss this unforgettable evening of comedy. 

Denise Scott on Judith Lucy: “Years ago, when my career was going no-where, Judith Lucy did a show with me that turned my life around. Now that Jude's career has hit rock bottom the least I can do is return the favour. #Sisters doin' it for one another.”

Judith Lucy on Denise Scott: “To be honest my first choice was Celia Pacquola but Scotty is ABSOLUTELY my second favourite comedian.”

“Either of these performers is capable of tickling an audience pink; together, you can expect to be red raw” The Age