Frida Deguise & Sallie J Don – The Blonde & The Bombshell

One Aussie, One Leb: One Australia

Two women with their hilarious perspectives on Aussie culture are putting on a show.

Frida Deguise: ‘It’s not easy being a mother of four, Lebanese and Muslim and totally a Wog Bogan (aka Wogan).’

Sallie J Don: ‘It’s not easy being ridiculously privileged, white and a mother of only one child.’

Both bought up in totally different worlds, but they don’t let it come between them. Comedy and Cold Chisel brought them together for this must-see show.

Show dates

April 10, 2018 to April 22, 2018

6pm (Sunday 5pm)

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Victoria Hotel, Acacia Room

$20 – $26