Hannah Gadsby, Nanette

Hannah Gadsby, Nanette

WINNER BEST COMEDY Adelaide Fringe Festival 2017

Hello. I have another show for you. This show was inspired by a woman who goes by the name Nanette. Although we did not exchange a single word or even a glance, Nanette has changed my life. She hasn’t at all, but she did prompt me to think about some things and those things I thought have become this show. Cool stuff.


"See it while you can.” ★★★★½ The Advertiser, 2017

“It’s a show that doesn’t just push the comedy envelope, it takes a big mofo letter-opener to it.” ★★★★★ InDaily, 2017

“Gadsby’s show is beautifully earnest, honestly hilarious and surprisingly informative on matters of mental health, violence against women and the world of art history.” ★★★★ Out in Perth, 2017

"One of our best comedians: at once outré and heartfelt, brutal and uplifting. She’s a marvel” ★★★★ ½ The Age

“Just wonderful…such warmth, such candour, such intelligence and so many, many laughs.” ★★★★★ The Scotsman