Tom Ballard interviews Oliver Twist on the new episode of ‘Like I’m A Six-Year-Old’

While the majority of us are currently stuck at home, or walking laps of the neighbourhood, it’s a great time to catch up on the catalogue of brilliant podcasts created by some of our favourite comedians.

In the most recent episode of his podcast Like I’m A Six-Year-Old, Tom Ballard is joined by up-and-coming comedian Oliver Twist to speak about the police, race, class, #BlackLivesMatter and what meaningful action could look like. Oliver was born in Rwanda, grew up in a refugee camp in Malawi and has lived in Australia since 2014. You can listen to it here.

Like I’m A Six-Year-Old is a one-on-one conversation with people from across the political spectrum: activists, sitting politicians, journalists, artists and more. Previous guests have included the likes of Waleed AlyLyle SheltonTanya PlibersekSam NewmanAlain de BottonYassmin Abdel-MagiedPauline PantsdownAdam BandtPeter ReithSally McManusWil AndersonFather Bob Maguire and many more.

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