Get a comedian involved in your business while working from home

While millions of Australians have been sent to work in their spare room Australia’s comedians have also been put into lockdown.

So we have been working with Australia’s funniest comedians to develop new ways to make you laugh via the now ubiquitous video conferencing technology that is keeping Australian business connected.

Whether it is a surprise comedian dropping in on your Zoom call, a bespoke keynote at your weekly all-in, or a famous face from the TV hosting a virtual award presentation to celebrate the best of the best – we want to work with you to find new and imaginative ways to inspire, reward and connect your teams and give them moments of escape and fun to counter the precipitous change and relentlessly negative daily news cycle.

Here are just some of the ideas that could be delivered on Zoom or Teams:

  • Have a comedian “drop in” on your weekly video meeting. Are we leading your WIP, delivering a mini-keynote or delivering your weekly sales numbers and attempting to field questions? We want brainstorm the best ideas with you.
  • Can we have a comedian host trivia, play bingo or even challenge the boss to Guess Who?
  • Provide your staff with an opportunity to keep active while staying connected with a weekly online meditation class hosted by Nikki Britton or Quarantone with Susie Youssef and Bridie Connell.
  • Did a team member hit a milestone and won’t be taken out to dinner? Let us get a comedy legend deliver a roast.
  • Host “Friday drinks” via video link and have our resident sommelier Merrick Watts pop in for some wine tasting (BYO wine, of course)!
  • Had to cancel that staff awards night that everyone was looking forward to? Our MCs can still pop on a gown or a tux and present your awards to the team.
  • Have our funny people present “expert” visual presentations on new world topics like “How to spruce up your Zoom” and “Webinar Fashion 101 (top-half only)”.
  • We also have some lesser known but equally hilarious comedians that could appear in your video conference incognito. Let’s see the “CEO’s nephew” step in for the meeting or the “new girl from accounts” forget to mute herself as she overshares about her strange family?

Interested in learning more? Email [email protected] to get started and get one of Australia’s funniest comedians involved in your business.