Freeform order new Josh Thomas series ‘Everything’s Gonna Be Okay’

A brand new comedy series Everything’s Gonna Be Okay created, written and starring Josh Thomas has received a 10 episode series order from Disney-owned US TV network Freeform.

Josh stars as Nicholas, a neurotic 25-year-old still living at home with his single dad and two teenage half-sisters, one of which has autism. He is not particularly helpful in raising his siblings, but when their dad becomes terminally ill, the girls have to cope with not only a devastating loss but also the realisation that Nicholas is the one who will have to hold it all together.

“The absolute bestest thing about having a brand-new TV show is getting to create new characters,” Josh said. “I love the characters in this show, and I love how our cast depicts them — they are funny and kind and fascinating. I feel very grateful to Freeform for giving me the opportunity to introduce them to you.”

Congratulations Josh!