Frequently Asked Questions – Zoom Comedy


Q. Which ticket should I purchase?
Solo Viewing – If your viewing the show solo this is the ticket for you.
Household Viewing – If your viewing as a group of up to four people at home this is the ticket for you.
Comedy Party Viewing – If your viewing as a group of five or more people at home this is the ticket for you.

Q. I’ve accidentally booked a Solo Viewing ticket, but I need a Household Viewing ticket. Can I upgrade my ticket?
A. Yes, we can absolutely upgrade your ticket. Please email [email protected].

Q. I’ve booked the wrong date, can I exchange to another performance?
A. Yes, we can offer exchanges within the same season of a show. Please email [email protected].

Q. I’ve booked a Solo viewing ticket and a Household viewing ticket in the one order. Will I be sent two different links to access the Zoom?
A. Please email [email protected] to advise the names and email addresses associated with each ticket, and we’ll ensure they’re each able to access the show.

Q. How does a Disappointments Season Pass work?
A. If you’ d like to watch all episodes of the Disappointments zoom-cast, you should purchase a Disappointments Season Pass. With a season pass you can view all episodes with any group size you like within your household.

A unique link will be emailed to season pass holders each Sunday after 3pm for entrance to the zoom-cast. A new link will be sent each Sunday from [email protected]

Please check your junk mail folder for an email from [email protected] if you can’t find the email in your inbox. If you haven’t received the link by 4.30pm please get in touch with us at [email protected].


Q. How do I access the Zoom?
A. Once you have purchased a ticket, you will receive Eventbrite confirmation and reminder emails.
You can access the Zoom link by clicking the ‘Go to online event page’ button in these emails.
Please take note: You will need to log in to your Eventbrite account to access the Zoom link.
The Zoom link will only become live once Doors Open.
Enter your name and email address and click ‘JOIN WEBINAR IN PROGRESS’.

Q. I haven’t received any confirmation or reminder emails from Eventbrite. What do I do?
A. As a first step, please check your junk mail folder for the emails.
If you’re still unable to find them please email [email protected].

Q. Do I require a Zoom account to access the show?
A. No, there is no need to create a Zoom account to access the show, but you will be required to download Zoom before you can access the show. You will be prompted to download Zoom when you click ‘JOIN WEBINAR IN PROGRESS’.

You can download Zoom here.

Q. Do I need to download the latest version of Zoom?
A. Yes, if you have already downloaded Zoom you’ll be required to update to version 5.0. You’ll be prompted to update to the latest version when you open Zoom.

Q. What are the internet requirements?
A. It’s recommended to have a download speed of at least 1.2Mbps. Zoom will be optimized for the best experience based on the participants’ network.

Q. What’s the best way to watch the show?
A. The best way to watch the show is via a computer or tablet.


Q. Can anyone see or hear me in Zoom?
A. Your audio and video is disabled to the rest of the audience when you enter Zoom.
If you are offered the chance to be part of the live audience, you can elect to share your video to the audience.

Q. Can I communicate with other audience members and the host whilst in Zoom?
A. Yes, you can use the Chat feature which can be accessed via the controls at the bottom of your screen. Look out for the host commenting in chat, as they’ll let you know when we’re looking to promote people to our live audience.

Q. Chat notifications keep popping up during the show. Can I turn them off?
A. Chat notifications will only pop up if you don’t have the Chat window open whilst watching the Zoom. Open the Chat window via the controls at the bottom of your screen and the notifications will stop.
If you’d prefer not to see the Chat box during the show you can click Enter Full Screen in the top right hand corner of Zoom and then drag the Chat box to the bottom of your screen out of sight.

Q. Does anything happen in the Zoom before and after the show?
A. Yes, some audience members may be given the opportunity to turn their camera on and be part of the onscreen audience who are visible to the rest of the audience at home. The onscreen audience is selected at the host’s discretion.
House music will be playing to the audience before and after the show. Dancing encouraged!

Q. How do I request to be part of the onscreen audience?
A. The host will ask audience members via Chat to click the ‘Raise Hand’ icon at the bottom of their screen if they’d like to be part of the onscreen audience.
A shortcut to raise your hand for Windows users is Alt+Y, and for MAC users it’s Option+Y. You can use the same shortcut key to lower your hand as well.

Q. What happens if the host selects me as an onscreen audience member?
A. The host will promote you to a panellist and Zoom will temporarily log you out and back in again.
When you re-join the Zoom, you will see a pop up saying “The Host has asked you to start your video” which you can accept or reject.
Your video can never be turned on by another user or the Webinar host.
At show time you will be returned to the audience and your video will no longer be on.

Q. As an onscreen audience member can the audience hear me?
A. Yes, you or the host will be able to mute/unmute your audio if you’re part of the onscreen audience. You can mute yourself at any time by clicking the Mute button in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

Q. Will I be able to watch a recording of the show?
A. This show is intended to be watched live. There will be no recordings of the show available to watch following the event.

If you need help before the show – the best contact is [email protected].

Assistance will be available via this email address in the lead up to and during the event.