Get Krack!n to return for a second season

Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan are set to return to your screens with the official announcement that Get Krack!n will return for a second season.

The morning show that made you want to go straight back to bed will return with another eight episodes. Like the cheap shape-wear adorning their bodies, The Kates bring their ill-fitting brand of hosting back to the chirpy, fresh, bright world of brekky TV.

The second season is set to feature an all-star cast featuring the likes of Anne Edmonds, Adam Briggs, Dave Thornton, Adam Hills, Denise Scott, Zoe Coombs Marr, Fiona O’Loughlin and many more.

ABC Head of Comedy Rick Kalowski said, “Season one drew all four key TV demographics: fans of great satire; young people delighted to learn the ABC existed; angry old guys who just got Facebook; and people who only watch shows that offend them,” said ABC Head of Comedy Rick Kalowski of the show. “Season two will give
 all something to love/find ‘deeply problematic’.”

“We are so eggcited to be back. We can’t wait to be in the studio again, catering to the direct interests of our biggest fans, straight white men aged 18-55,” added The Kates.

The second season of Get Krack!n will air on ABC TV and iview early in 2019.