Hannah Gadsby steals the show at the Emmys


If Hannah Gadsby wasn’t already skyrocketing internationally, she is now officially supernova after stealing the show at the 2018 Primetime Emmy Awards.

In trademark Gadsby style, she presented the award for Outstanding Directing in a Drama Series.

“The world’s gone a bit crazy,” she started. “For somebody like me, a nobody from nowhere, gets a sweet gig – free suit, new boots – just ’cause I don’t like men.”

“That’s a joke, of course. Just jokes fellas, calm down,” Gadsby continued before making the audience erupt, “#NotAllMen… ButALotOfThem.”

And then the internet went bananas.

#emmys: Hannah Gadsby- hilarious! Can she pls host next year? I want more Hannah! @BonnieFuller

Er, #Emmys — y’all should have had Hannah Gadsby host. Those 2 mins were the funniest/timeliest of the entire show. @nigelmfs

all the emmys now go directly to hannah Gadsby @kateschatz 

congrats to hannah gadsby for hosting hopefully every award show ever @savittj 

Tasmania’s own Hannah Gadsby has come to the world’s attention through her multi-award winning stand up show Nanette which played to sold out houses across Australia, London, Edinburgh, New York and Los Angeles before launching on Netflix in June and stopping the comedy world in its tracks.

The overnight success of Hannah Gadsby was more than ten years in the making, with her award winning stand up shows a sell out fixture in festivals across Australia and the UK. She played a character called Hannah on the TV series Please Like Me and has hosted three art documentaries, inspired by comedy art lectures she created to accompany collections at major galleries.

What people have said about Nanette:

“As uproariously funny as it is profoundly furious.” The New Yorker

“The laughs of her show are a means to an end, which is, at its core, a ferocious attack on comedy itself.” The New York Times

“You’ll laugh, but you also may cry several times while watching Nanette. It’s not a comedy special that offers escapist laughs but, instead, demands that the audience not shy away from considering harsh truths.” The Washington Post

“Gadsby’s perfect concoction of wit and expertise and pain is what makes Nanette worth watching—its charge to improve the human condition is what makes it required viewing.” Esquire

“Nanette is the kind of work that leaves you shaken. Not because it’s really funny (it really is), or because it’s equally heartbreaking, but because it finds a fusion of those two modes that’s incandescent.” The Atlantic

“Why Nanette works on screen: the simplicity. Just a woman for an hour – her voice and her power – creating a space to dare to dream of a different future for ourselves, and also for comedy.” The Guardian

“Quickly generated the sort of gabby, breathless social-media recommendations that TV executives pray for. “ Vanity Fair

“Suffice it to say there is a reason why people are so urgently telling the people they know to watch it.” NPR

Before it was recorded live at the Sydney Opera House in January, Nanette took home the award for Best Show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Adelaide Fringe Festival, and also won the Best Comedy Performer award at the Helpmanns alongside Best Show in the annual Chortle awards.