Image is of Abby Howells. Abby has short wavy blonde hair, blue eyes and bright red lips. She is wearing a white buttoned vest. She is standing amongst clouds, with her left arm raised above her eyes. She is peering off into the distance.

Abby Howells

Replay Festival, Melbourne

Comedy Republic

Jul 5, 2024



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Join Abby for an encore performance of her Melbourne Comedy Festival show La Soupco.

La Soupco* is the name of a screenplay Abby Howells wrote when she was 11 years old. It is a romance, set in the Navy in the wake of World War II. No historical research, verification or corroboration was undertaken.

Written by Abby Howells aged 11 and performed by Abby Howells, aged 33, La Soupco is a tale of love, loss, nautical trauma and deeply undiagnosed Autism.

La Soupco was the winner of the prestigious Billy T James Award at the 2023 New Zealand International Comedy Festival. You can see Abby on 7 Days, Guy Mont-Spelling Bee and Comedians Giving Lectures.

*The name is not relevant to the story in any way. Don’t expect it to be.

★★★★★ The Age