Image is of Zan Rowe (left) and Myf Warhusrt (right) smiling directly into the camera lens. Zan has shoulder length curly hair and is wearing a bright pink suit and gold dangly earrings. Myf is wearing a bright orange dress and gold hooped earrings.

Bang On Live – Myf Warhurst & Zan Rowe


The Art House

Jul 27, 2024


$52 - $56

Darwin Festival

Sunset Stage, Festival Park

Aug 20, 2024


$40 - $44


Performing Arts Centre

Sep 7, 2024


$49 - $69

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Presented by Double J & Token Events

Join Myf and Zan for Bang On live – their smash hit Double J podcast on stage.

Bang On brings together two of Australia’s most respected and loved music journalists and presenters – who are also great friends, with your one stop shop for music, art, life, and stuff. It’s all the conversations you need to be across each week (but don’t have the time to read a think-piece about).

Myf and Zan said: “We’re both ridiculously excited to be taking this podcast on a proper tour around the country for the first time, because we’ll finally get to meet all of our fabulous listeners (our devoted Bang Fam) – they’ve been through so much with us over the last eight years.
“We simply cannot wait to see your faces and we guarantee to share wine time, probably laugh a lot, possibly cry just a little bit, and definitely do a faarshun parade together. It’s gonna be a hoot!”

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