Bec Charlwood & Aleks Milinkovic – The Reunion Tour

Bec & Aleks are two rising stars of Sydney Comedy. They have been locked down for 3 months together and are hoping all the jokes they wrote are just as funny to you as they are to them, let’s find out!

Bec Charlwood’s comedy career is quite simple taking off! Audiences are spellbound by the raw and refreshing talent of this tenacious and bold young comedian – earning reviews like: “it’s rare that a festival debut is so slick … remember her name. You’ll be hearing more of her.” Now is the chance to hear more from her!

Aleks Milinkovic is a favourite of the Sydney stand-up comedy scene and a content creator. Featured in Buzzfeed and The Brag – Aleks is known for a style that is gut-punchingly funny with a level of honesty that’s usually reserved for your group chat.

Show dates

November 4, 2021 to November 6, 2021


Laugh Outta Lockdown

Factory Theatre - The Terminal