Bec Charlwood

Parramatta (Let's Laugh)

Riverside Theatre

Jun 22, 2024


$39 - $49

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A show that is both good and funny.  

You want a show that is good but also funny? This is it.  

Often shows are ‘ok’ and ‘kinda funny’, some are even ‘bad’ and ‘not funny’.  

Not this one.  

It’s a little about reality TV, a little about meds and a lot about wanting to be better.  

It’s me Bec Charlwood writing this description by the way. All comedians write their own show descriptions, so I hope that makes reading all the others a little more fun. 

I’ve been on TV a couple of times, opened for some actual famous comedians and The Age said this about my last show: “It’s rare to hear the spectrum of laughter Bec Charlwood elicits. ★★★★“.  

If you need more accolades you can give it a google, it’s all there. 

I’m surprised you’ve made it this far into the description, what are you doing?  

Be brave! Buy a ticket already dammit!