Ben Kochan & Concetta Caristo – Funny As Sin

Ben Kochan and Concetta Caristo are in a relationship and doing a show together and there’s nothing wrong with that. See you there!

Ben Kochan is a comedian with a keen observational eye and a commitment to being as silly as possible. He’s supported Tom Gleeson & Wil Anderson, and delighted audiences at festivals across the country.

Concetta Caristo is an exciting new voice in the comedy scene. She has most recently been seen on Wil Anderson’s new ABC show Question Everything and Channel Seven’s Australia Now and Then.

“Being with Ben for two years we have an undeniable chemistry and we’re both hilarious. He’s the love of my life and I have a good feeling about the show. He makes me laugh more than anyone and I make him laugh more than anyone. Come to the show if you’re passions are living, loving and laughing.” – Concetta

“Can’t wait for the show.” – Ben

Show dates

November 18, 2021 to November 20, 2021



Factory Theatre - The Terminal