Ben is wearing a dark grey suit, light grey top and dark grey tie. He is bouncing a red paddle ball and looking up at it. He has an excited expression on his face. The photo has been taken in a lounge room.

Ben Kochan


Comedy Festival

Jun 29, 2024




Comedy Club

Jul 7, 2024




Good Chat Comedy

Jul 11, 2024


$16.50 - $20

Replay Festival, Melbourne

Comedy Republic

Jul 18, 2024



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Winning Smile
Replay Festival, Melbourne

Ben’s been keeping his eyes open lately and his nose well and truly to the grindstone. He’s tried to stop looking at his phone as much. He walks down the street, no phone. Sits in a waiting room, no phone. Gets an uber, zero phone. The show is not about Ben trying to use his phone less, he’s just telling you this because the decrease in phone usage means the observation uptake has been through the roof! He’s noticed stuff about moths, about how sometimes cows get stuck in tornadoes and definitely other stuff as well. Ben’s mind is open and yours probably has a little sign on it that says, “back in ten minutes.” No offence.

Ben has opened for Wil Anderson and Tom Gleeson, but he’s not just opening for other people, he’s also had Freddie McManus open for him. He’s performed at Splendour In The Grass, Comedy Up Late and recorded a comedy album called Hooley Dooley, What a Crowd that he recently found out has made him $43 from all the downloads.

“Kochan is a silly guy.” Beat

Ben Kochan’s Winning Smile at Comedy Republic will be filmed.

Comedy You Can Set Your Watch To
Wollongong, Newcastle, Brisbane

Ben Kochan will be filming a special in July and he’s coming to you to make sure all his little bits are funny as heck! He’ll be doing all the best bits from his last two shows that he performed at all the comedy festivals around Australia so they should be pretty good!

Ben has performed all over the country at all the festivals and has opened for comedians like Wil Anderson, Tom Gleeson and Dave Hughes!