Brett Blake – Go Hard or Go Home

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Brett Blake is the king of going hard. 

 This high energy, mulleted stand-up returns to Melbourne Comedy Festival to teach you the art, the craft (and possibly the pitfalls) of going hard. 

 He has singed off half his mullet while jumping a BMX over a fire pit, broken a world record for weightlifting (but forgot to turn the camera on), had a big night out that culminated in running a marathon and been bitten by a shark. 

 Go hard and buy a ticket, don’t go home. 

“An undeniably funny and talented storyteller.” ★★★★ Fest 

“He has his VB and drinks it… enjoyable for everyone.” Chortle 

“Punchy and relevant insight… peppered with clever jabs at Australian culture.” The Age 

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Show dates

April 6, 2021 to April 18, 2021

6-11 April 7.30pm, 13-18 April 8.40pm

Melbourne Comedy Festival

The Coopers Inn

$20 – $25