Concetta Caristo – Siena

Concetta Caristo finally has a chance to be herself, but there’s one catch – she has to be someone else.

In 2013, Concetta, along with her mother and sister, must leave everything behind and flee to the other side of the country. Starting over in a new city with a new name, she’s adamant about living a life she’s always dreamed of (sleepovers, boys & spaghetti straps).

Siena is a one woman show that tells Concetta Caristo’s true story of living through domestic abuse, and the liberation in finding a new beginning.

Concetta Caristo is a rising star in Australian comedy. She’s appeared on your TV screens on ABC’s At Home Alone Together, ABC’s Planet AmericaReputation Rehab and Channel 10’s Celebrity Name Game.

You can hear her on FBi Radio, watch her videos on PedestrianTV or catch her live as the resident MC of A Likely Story at Giant Dwarf.

Show dates

July 2, 2021 to July 3, 2021


Bondi Festival

Wayside Chapel