Danielle Walker – Myths & Legends

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Winner – Best Newcomer, Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2018 

Hello. Welcome to my show Myths & Legends.

It’s called Myths & Legends because two of my comedy bits are about mythological creatures.

For example: Tom Jones = legend, cool dads = myth.

I would love to talk more about my show but my mind is elsewhere because I just watched an episode of Extreme Cheapskates and one lady wrapped a lasagna up so it was waterproof and cooked it in the dishwasher with her dirty dishes.

“Insane pay-offs, delivered with the unhinged laugh a Batman villain would be proud of.” Chortle  

“Walker’s a unique and unexpected new voice who’s only going to keep getting better.” Time Out

Show dates

March 21, 2020


Gold Coast Laughs Festival

Home of the Arts – Basement