Dave Thornton – That Happened

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Where do we start? A lot has happened and yet not much at all.

So, like everyone’s conversations this show will be that and some other stuff. I mean that’s my standup – a dinner conversation where you don’t have to stress about asking me how my life is because I’ll tell you, with the added bonus of punchlines.

If it wasn’t for the insane Insurance overheads it would cost to cover this statement, I’d say that if you don’t laugh at least once at my show I’ll give you your money back. Please know that I stand by the sentiment, just not legally.

As seen on The Project, Just For Laughs and Hughesy We Have A Problem.

“My face and sides ached from non-stop laughing.” ★★★★½ The Advertiser, 2021

Show dates

August 26, 2022



The Comedy Store