Judith Lucy & Denise Scott – Disappointments ‘Zoom-cast’

Disappointments ‘Zoom-cast’ season postponed to Sunday 20th September!

The Victorian Government has updated the list of restricted activities, narrowing the types of internet broadcasts allowed, meaning that we are not allowed to make Disappointments during Stage Four.

We will recommence the season of Disappointments on Sunday 20th September after Stage 4 restrictions are lifted. If there are changes to the restrictions we will stay in touch.

If you would like to receive a refund for your Season Pass or an Individual Ticket please let us know by emailing [email protected]. If not your Ticket will remain valid once we start up again on the 20th of September. If you don’t need a refund we will be adding an extra show which you will be entitled to view using your current season ticket.

“This may be our greatest disappointment yet but we shall rise like a phoenix from this pile of shit and be back to disappoint you like we’ve never disappointed you before Australia! Stay strong, stay sane and more importantly, stay disappointed! I know we will.”

Til then stay safe and healthy Melbourne.


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Judith Lucy and Denise Scott are settling in with a new ‘Zoom-cast’ – direct from their lounge room to yours with Disappointments!

Every Sunday at 5pm you will be able to pour a wine or pop on the kettle and be part of this live event from the comfort of your lounge room and spend an hour under the doona with Jude and Scotty. There will be chances to write in, zoom in and be part of a weekly virtual happening that promises to be at least as disappointing as the miserable bin fire that is humanity.

Join Scotty and Jude as they talk about new disappointments – anything from politics to television to the fact that Judith has started shaving her face while Scotty couldn’t be bothered and let her beard grow free. Get yourself set for cocktail hour or afternoon tea (or slip some whisky into some hot water and do both) every Sunday for a digital happening.

Tickets for individual shows range from $15 (solo viewing), $20 (a group up to four people) and $30 (five or more people). There is also a ‘season pass’ available where you can purchase a ticket for all shows for a significant discount.


Suitable for ages 16+.

Need more information? Check out our FAQs about comedy shows on Zoom.

Show dates

September 20, 2020 to November 1, 2020

Doors open at 4.30pm, show starts at 5pm (AEST)

The Internet


$87.50 (season pass for all shows)

September 20, 2020

Doors open at 4.30pm, show starts at 5pm (AEST)

The Internet


$15 – $30