Greg Larsen – Useful Idiot

Winner – Best Sketch Comedy Writing, AWGIES 2017
Winner – Directors Choice, Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2016
Winner – Golden Gibbo, Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2014 

I’m Greg Larsen. I used to play in a punk band, I used to go to protest marches, I used to feel passionate about social justice. But that’s all in the past. These days instead of playing in bands I just play video games. Instead of going to protests, I go to Bunnings and cry. Instead of fighting for social justice I’m running out the clock watching The Sopranos on DVD. It’s still good on the fifth watch.  

Where did it all go wrong? Why did I lose my passion? Has the whole world gone to shit or do I just have depression? No, the world has definitely gone to shit. Find out why at this funny show.  

As seen on Tonightly, Get Krack!n and Fancy Boy. 

 “…an unreasonably angry man.” Australian Communications and Media Authority report into on-air misconduct 

“Vitriolic abuse of this kind has no place on the national broadcaster and I will be asking the ABC to investigate.” Federal Minister for Communications Mitch Fifield 

“This attack goes far beyond satire… warrants an apology from Mr Larsen…” Senator Cory Bernardi

Show dates

March 28, 2019 to April 21, 2019

9.45pm (Sundays 8.45pm)

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Melbourne Town Hall, Lunch Room

$25 – $29