Jess Harris + Nat Harris – Lynne & Sal

Melbourne Comedy Festival

The Victoria Hotel

Apr 5, 2024 to Apr 13, 2024


$26 - $32

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Privileged boomers Lynne & Sal are in a toxic friendship bound by a passion for renovating, weekends down the coast and tennis. They clash on everything else. So when they’re forced together as doubles partners for the first time in 30 years for their local tennis club fundraiser tournament, tensions hit a new high.

Off the court, Sal is convinced her husband Mark is having an emotional affair and Lynne’s renovation has completely blown out. Expect plenty of low balls and vicious volleys as Lynne & Sal stop at nothing to secure the trophy.

Lynne & Sal are the creations of sister’s Jess and Nat Harris who grew up playing characters in their backyard cubby-house. Not much has changed.

Jess is an actress, writer and director, best known from her ACCTA award nominated comedy TV series twentysomething (ABC) which she wrote, co-produced, directed and starred in for two seasons.

While Nat is an established award winning comedian and one-third of the Breakfasters team on Triple R.

Come witness them take to stage for the first time together as they hash out their real life issues under the guise of comedy.

Pour a large glass of pinot grigio and enjoy the advantage point, game, set, match!