John Safran, Jew Detective: Sarcasm Is Not A Crime

John spent a year hanging out with neo-nazis, anarchists and jihadis for his book Depends What You Mean By Extremists.

But John was to learn those folks weren’t the only ones who had gone crazy. Tweeters, columnists, and Q&A panelists, had started questioning the role of smart-aleck artists, like John, in this serious age of Trump, ISIS and creeping fascism. According to them, people like John should stop clowning around and preach! According to them, now is not the time for ambiguous transgressive satire. Rather all art should basically be a Ted Talk with a couple of jokes thrown in.

In John Safran, Jew Detective: Sarcasm Is Not A Crime, John pushes back. He takes you through his hilarious adventures with extremists of all stripes: skinheads, alleged ISIS terrorists and worst of all, randoms annoying him on twitter.

Don’t miss the Jew Detective himself, bringing his sold-out Melbourne Comedy Festival show across state lines.

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March 27, 2019



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