Josh is wearing a blue and white striped, short-sleeved shirt. His blonde hair is disheveled and his head is tilted slightly to the right as he smiles generously at the camera. The background is a concrete slab painted Brunswick green.

Josh Thomas

London, UK

Leicester Square Theatre

Jul 21, 2024


From £27

Manchester, UK

The Lowry

Jul 27, 2024



Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Pleasance Courtyard

Jul 31, 2024 to Aug 25, 2024


£10.00 - £18.50

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Let’s Tidy Up

This is a show where Josh tidies up.

Tidying up is not normally the stuff of gripping drama, it wouldn’t be a propulsive narrative for most people but for Josh it’s Everest, a fundamentally impossible task, like trying to defy the moon and control the tides.

Josh’s brain has managed to make him the creator and star of hit TV shows (Please Like Me, Everything’s Gonna Be Okay), in this show he tries to work out how to do the small stuff.

It’s not just about tidying, there’s also gardening, gophers and a love story.

Written with award winning playwright, Lally Katz.

“Disarmingly relatable.” ★★★★ The Guardian, 2024 

“Both Funny and naughty.” Weekend Notes, 2024 

“Gently within this over share is also a love story that truly might touch your heart.” Sydney Arts Guide, 2024

“Self-deprecating wit, unique observational skills and satirical genius.” Weekend Notes, 2024

“Thomas is loveable, cheeky and very naughty.” City Hub, 2024 

“This is a funny and sometimes poignant story.” Weekend Notes, 2024

“The entire audience were in stiches.” Sydney Arts Guide, 2024

“Audiences were gasping for air from excessive ‘laugh out loud’ laughter.” City Hub, 2024

“Light-hearted, somewhat awkward and self-deprecating fun.” Adelaide Glam, 2024