Justin Hamilton – The Ballad of John Tilt Animus

Justin Hamilton’s new three-part show is about the fall and rise of comedian John Tilt Animus.  

Three Dances reveals the moment John fell from grace as he appears three times on a talk show and learns truths he isn’t prepared for. 

…In a Dark Wood focuses on three comedians toasting the death of John. The only problem? Nobody can agree which John died.  And what is in that package that was left near the front door?  

The Girl in the Song finds John waking in a place he doesn’t recognise being interviewed by a woman he doesn’t know. Every time he answers incorrectly, her threats intensify. Should John be fearing for his life? 

 Like the Marvel movies, see one of these shows for one unique story or see all three shows to see how they come together to reveal one mega-story.    

“Will have you hanging at every word.” ★★★★½ The Advertiser

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Show dates

February 23, 2019 to February 24, 2019

2pm – 5.30pm

Adelaide Fringe Festival

Rhino Room

Single show $25, three show bundle $50

March 31, 2019 to April 16, 2019

Various times

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

The Toff In Town

Single show $30, three show bundle $60