Image is of Sam Taunton on stage holding a microphone. He has short brown hair, brown eyes and is wearing an oversized white t-shirt. A purple light is hitting the back of his head, which is changing the colour of his shirt and hair. The background is dark blue.

Sam Taunton


Comedy Club

Jul 5, 2024 to Jul 6, 2024



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Sam took over as a co-host on The Project in 2023. He couldn’t tie a tie. Whenever he’d wear one, he’d look like an outer suburban real-estate agent or a teenager on his way to court.

He has overcome this huge personal and professional hurdle and is back with a huge new hour of comedy.

P.S he swears more than he does on telly.

In 2023, Sam released his stand up special Rooster on Paramount Plus. Seen on the Melbourne Comedy Festival Opening Night Gala and Host of The Project.

Winner – Pinder Prize, Melbourne Comedy Festival 2019

“Serendipitous comedy gold.” ★★★★ The Age