Tom Ballard

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Tom Ballard – Work In Progress
Brunswick Heads

After writing a book, filming a TV show, becoming an uncle, surviving the plague and going slightly mad, Tom Ballard is back with a hot new hour – just for you.

Catch a work in progress of Tom’s new stand-up show in Brunswick Heads before it tours the country! One show only.

“Brave, biting, ballsy and ultimately, brilliant.” ★★★★★ Time Out 

“An absolute comedy masterclass.” ★★★★★ Beat Magazine 

“Has a frankly ridiculous ability to hit all his marks and deftly detonate every punchline.” ★★★★½ The Age 

“Unrelenting and uproarious.” ★★★★½ Chortle  

“Much of his stand-up is about as funny as listening to a recording of one of Joe Stalin’s four-hour rants.” Gerard Henderson, The Australian

“[The audience’s] laughter was to Ballard’s jokes what applause and chants are at a Trump rally.” Holly Lawford-Smith


Photo by Monica Pronk.