Tom has brown hair, brown stubble and brown eyes. He is wearing a Christmas themed jumper with beer jugs, presents and puddings on it. His hand is under his chin framing his face. The background is a futuristic theme with aliens and robots.

Tom Walker

Replay Festival, Melbourne

Comedy Republic

Jul 27, 2024



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My Treasures My Beautiful Treasures

Tom Walker is here to show you his beautiful treasures! His many beautiful treasures! All his shining things! This is a show about obsession, the internet and pathetic men. A collection of beautiful moments from across time and space, all condensed down into an hour of comedy by one of Australia’s tallest strongest comedians (not pound-for-pound, assertion made without data, if incorrect treat as joke).

Tom Walker was selected for the New Faces International line-up at the 2023 Just For Laughs Montreal. He has also appeared on Drunk History Australia and his comedy special Very Very features on Amazon Prime.

“A gloriously, relentlessly, irrepressibly unhinged blast of off-the-wall insanity.” ★★★★½ Chortle

“Not for the faint of heart. Real weird. Real good.” ★★★★ Herald Sun

“As delightfully odd and expressive as ever.” ★★★★ The Age